Dear citizens of the world:

The elites of the planet are subject to hatred and materialism, and the only way they have to feel a little better is imposing its power over us. They promote corrupt ideals, because they want us to share their suffering through corrupt thoughts.
They don’t want compassion ideals; they just want to divide the citizens: dogmatic religions, irrational superstition, nationalism, xenophobia, sexism, class ideals, consumerism, hate propaganda and brain washing advertising.
They don’t want evidence-based thinking; they just want impulsive action and fallacious charlatanism: trash television shows, debates about trivialities, sports, empty music, masticated literature, pathological videogames, pornographic movies, and absurd conspiracism to confuse.
They want a world of mind alienation.
An alienated hive mind.

To accomplish this, the elites build artificial utopias for us, such as democracy, socialism, free market, even unearthly paradises.
They make us believe the illusion that we are free, but each passing day, we are more controlled: social networks, geo-location, Internet Protocol tracking, surveillance cameras, satellites spying on each of our streets, and continuous police deployments.
They don’t seek our security, this is achieved by educating.
They want to control us: who we are, how we think, and what we need.
They just want to control us to consummate their need for power.
This is necessary when one has no capacity to love.

Elites continually create artificial needs.
For example, they pollute the environment and sterilize the seeds that we buy: in this way, we became dependent on their industrial and logistics system. They have computerized more than ninety percent of the money: so, you have the need to be dependent on financial institutions. They have centralized jobs in very large places and with a highly dense population: so, you have the need to depend on automobiles, and living in tiny apartments with absurdly high prices. They have created a system of job that you need to be constantly reachable, making us dependent on our cell-phone.
The list is practically endless.
Again, the elites do it to consummate their need for power.
No capacity to love.

However, you don’t need to believe in otherworldly beings, or policies that destroy individuality. You don’t need to work forty hours a week for a salary of play money. You don’t need a high-powered vehicle, or live in a sausage apartment in a concrete hive. You don’t need to wear designer clothes, you do not need to have the latest model of Smartphone. You don’t need transgenic food full of harmful chemicals, you don’t need soft drinks poisoning your body. You don’t need social networks for socializing and dating: there are real people wherever you look outside your home. You don’t need drugs to face life, because life is a gift, not a condemnation.

All you need is compassion for all living beings, and based on evidence and reason thought. Analyze your emotions, your desires, your hatreds; analyze your environment with love and forbearance.
You need only food, left over in abundance in forests, fields, rivers, and the sea. You need only clean water, easily gotten with a cloth and sand filter. You need durable clothing for cover from cold, and sturdy boots not to hurt your feet only. You only need a small house with a bed and a fire, because your true home is extend by millions of square kilometers out there, in nature. You just need empathic contact, enjoying your animal and human friends.
You don’t need any kind of system.
You don’t need leaders.

But the elites are not guilty.
They’ve become part of the elite using the lack of empathy that provides psychopathy, with the help of our submission, and gregariousness. But that’s no excuse for the world's citizens to have to endure its pathological social model.
The solution is simple: don’t participate in their game.